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I'd recommend Brixton Gardeners for patio cleaning as they cleaned mine perfectly and quickly. They are also very cheap.

  • Derek Makin

I was in desperate need of a garden landscaper. This company is fantastic. They have the lowest rates around and my garden looks great. I highly recommend.

  • Nyla Sanford

I'll certainly continue using Brixton Gardening Company whenever there's gardening work to be done.

  • Sophie H.

It was immediately evident to me that Brixton Gardening Company were industry experts. I couldn't fault their work or the standard of the gardening service.

  • Hannah B.

We hired Brixton Gardening Company to landscape the areas surrounding our home. It completely changed the look of our home for low cost. A great way to add some much needed curb appeal!

  • Olive N.

The hedge pruning Brixton Gardeners did at my office building was so good that I hired their services at my own house. I was very impressed with all of the work completed.

  • Lynn K.

Very well pleased. Lawn Care Services Brixton had a crew come out to do basic lawn mowing. They did a super job, and left it at that. They did not try to push additional services, contracts or other such mess my way. From now on, I'm calling them for any gardening services.

  • Janey L.

I needed a lawn mowing service so I gave them a try. Garden Maintenance Services Brixton provides me with what I need at a very great price.

  • John

My lawn was looking patchy, tired and generally just a little worse for wear. I had no idea what to do, apart from tear it apart and re-lay a new lawn, so I called Brixton Gardening Companies to get some help and confirmation, but they assured me that this wasn't necessary. So when I hired their lawn care service, they knew just what to do and revitalised my lawn, giving it a new lease of life. I'm thankful to everyone involved.

  • Nadia

With two kids and a pretty gruelling job, it's hard to conjure up the energy to get on my garden gloves and start tending to the garden. Seeing as it's quite a big garden, it's always a massive job doing those things like weeding, mowing, and hedge trimming and all the rest. GardenersBrixton offered really affordable garden maintenance which sounded amazing to me and incredibly useful. They sent over their gardeners and all I can say is I would definitely hire them again. They saved me a lot of hassle and hard work.

  • Harry Blue

I always though cutting the grass was the only thing I needed to do, but this changed when my lawn started to get unhealthy. Patches stopped growing and the quality was terrible. Not knowing anything about lawn maintenance, I called up Brixton Gardening Company. They give me the advice and answers I needed and so I decided to hire them. They now take care of my lawn for me and it is always guaranteed to be healthy.

  • Emily Henderson

I was so excited last Friday for Garden Maintenance Services Brixton to come to my home and tackle my hedge trimming and pruning, as there was so much of it to deal with. They arrived on time and looked professional. The job was done to a high standard within a few short hours and the price was very reasonable indeed. I am over the moon with the services, team and prices of this company and have booked again for in a month's time!

  • Erik Greene

I wanted a general garden maintenance service for my aging mother and hired GardenersBrixton. The gardening professionals were so helpful and did a weekly service covering weeding, planting and lawn care. The workers were prompt and brought their own tools and machinery. The work was done competently and the gardening experts answered all the questions I had, and offered advice to help with the maintenance of the garden.

  • Roger Alexander

There are some good gardening companies out there but none quite like GardenersBrixton. Taking everything into account, their customer care, eye for detail, hardworking team, the quality of service that they deliver, their low prices and thorough approach when handling all gardening jobs, they're definitely the number one company for me. I've used them a few times now for a number of different jobs, including hedge trimming and lawn mowing and on every occasion I've been taken aback by what I've received.

  • Heather Small

Brixton Gardening Companies exceeded all my expectations when they performed some landscape gardening work for me. They helped add new plant life, install new features, fix problems and much more. My garden is now an attractive spot of nature all because of the work they did for me.

  • Roger Simpson

The bad weather did not deter the team from completing the patio cleaning task. They worked hard and took into consideration all my suggestions. Their excellence in the gardening service was clearly evident. Brixton Gardeners made the task look easy. Thank you for coming to our rescue at such a short notice.

  • Barbara Joel

I've always been very pleased with the work carried out by Garden Maintenance Services Brixton and their team of gardeners. This hasn't been the first time I've booked with their company and it certainly won't be the last. I urge anyone in need of a quality gardening service to give them a call. Many thanks!

  • Joe

I only have a small garden but it's amazing how quickly it gets out of control! Brixton Gardening Company makes sure I don't get overrun with weeds with their weed control services and they also take care of my hedge trimming and pruning. They are the most professional gardeners around.

  • Mara Y.

The landscape gardener from Brixton Gardeners had some exciting propositions. He heard me out patiently and incorporated most of my ideas into the final plans. My garden is now a source of pride and the envy of all my relatives. I have been recommending you to all those who are thinking of garden landscaping.

  • Mary Ann

I've had really bad experiences with some gardening companies and so I had taken it upon myself to handle the weekly hedge trimming and pruning. That was when I came across my neighbour's newly done garden with that perfect driveway. I couldn't resist my temptation to ask her how she managed to completely transform her front yard. She praised Brixton Gardening Companies and suggested that I called them to get my garden looking fabulous. I am so glad that I heeded her advice. I now have the most fantastic garden that I could have ever imagined. I wish I had come across these gardening experts a lot earlier, but as they say, better late than never!

  • George Cook

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